Culinary creations by Mate Sučić


The unique recipes of La Belle Vie Restaurant in Vodice, signed by Chef Mate Sučić with their creative culinary solutions, reflect the tradition of local Mediterranean cuisine complemented by the latest contemporary trends in the gastronomic scene. The creativity and art of combining homemade, fresh ingredients is of great importance for the young chef, who strives to provide his guests with an authentic experience of the Adriatic in the skillful blend of old and new. The original gastronomic experience offered by La Belle Vie includes a harmonious taste and aroma of local cuisine, so for example, you can find top-notch seafood creations in delicious tartar and shrimp sauces called Sea Magic on a diverse repertoire of seafood. Also, Adriatic flavors are skillfully incorporated into dishes of exotic ingredients, so you can taste unique carpaccio creations with pistachio and citrus cream. Seafood occupies a special place on the menu of La Belle Vie restaurant, from top quality home-made risotto, octopus with delicious carrot mayonnaise to a variety of shellfish such as mussels, noah’s arks and warty venuses. Chef Mate Sučić, with his extraordinary talent of creating unique gastronomic solutions, offers us the perfect harmony of flavors and aromas of the Adriatic in skillful combinations with various exotic accessories that won’t be able to resist even the most demanding palates.

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